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Views from inner to outer compartments


At the opening of a museum of modern art in an Arab city, a proud local resident rushes the entrance only to find that she is unable to proceed.

Was it her casual wear at an event announced as a black-tie affair? No.

Was it the thugs who are shielding the ruling classes attending the event en masse to showcase their benevolence and refined sensibilities who prevent her access? No.

She fears that were she to walk in, she will "hit a wall” and/or were she to walk in, where everyone else sees hanging artworks, she will see "nothing.”

On the spot, she turns to face the crowd rushing the entrance and screams: “Be careful. Don’t go in.  Nothing here to see.”

Within seconds, she is removed from the site, beaten and sent to a psychiatric facility.

The next day, a local newspaper’s headline announces: “Demented Woman Disturbs Opening: Claims Museum Walls Fake and Filled with Nothing.”

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